Fellaheen Complete Discography

This discography was compiled from Discogs and an old Fellaheen website, with corrections and notes from Steven “Stav” Stavrakis and Adam Yee.

See also: Fellaheen Records – ARIA Charts and my article about Fellaheen Records.

1992JacK 001-2FluidSpot The LoonCD
1992JacK 001-7BuddHelpmeswell 7″Blue vinyl. Run out groove says “Jack’s first cut 8-12-92 Budd 1 BE-AT”
1993JacK 002-7Magic DirtSupertear/Sea7″Pink vinyl. There was also a black vinyl promo.
1993JacK 003-7MidgetJuice/Flicker7″Orange vinyl. There was also a black vinyl promo.
1993JacK 004-2FluidSpot The LoonCDFeatures different tracks to US release
1993JacK 005-2BuddYakfatCD
1993JacK 006-7Noise AddictI Wish I Was Him7″Blue vinyl. There’s a white label test pressing too.
1993JacK 007.5-2Noise AddictNoise Addict Vs Silverchair ‎
1993JacK 007-2Noise AddictThe Taste In My Eyes ‎CD
1993JacK 008-7FurFix It/ Chocolate Sea7″
1994JacK 009-2PavementCrooked Rain, Crooked RainCDA casette promo was also made
1994JacK 010-2SuperchunkFoolishCDAlso, version with Tour EP
1994JacK 010.5-2SuperchunkFoolish Tour EditionCDListed as The “On Paper It Made Perfect Sense” EP on Discogs
1994JacK 011-2Huggy Bear…Presents Main SqueezeCD
1994JacK 012-2HatemanTriple ForteCD
1994JacK 013Luscious JacksonFind Your Mind/Surprise/Queen Of BlissTest pressing only
01/08/1995JacK 014-2FurFind What You Like & Let It Kill YouCD
1994JacK 015-2PavementGold SoundzCDFeatures exclusive bonus track. Different to US release
1994JacK 016-2BuddNafCD
1994JacK 017-2Luscious JacksonNatural IngredientsCD
1994JacK 018-2HurricaneThe HurraCDFeatures different tracks to US release
1994JacK 019-2SuperchunkThe On Paper It Made Perfect Sense EPCD
1995JacK 020-2PavementRattled By The RushCD
1995JacK 021-2PavementWowee ZoweeCDThere was also a mispress of this with Crooked Rain Crooked Rain art
1995JacK 022-2Guided By VoicesAlien LanesCDAlso available, version with bonus CD
1995JacK 023-2Ben LeeGrandpaw WouldCD
1995JacK 024-2SuperchunkIncidental Music 1991-95CD
1995JacK 025-2DioleneDee-O-LeenCD
1995JacK 026-2PavementFather To A Sister Of ThoughtCD
28/08/1995JacK 027-2FurLosin’ Your MarblesCDFirst pressing includes a hidden track that features a punk rock vocal performance from Simon.
1995JacK 028-2SuperchunkHyper EnoughCD
1995JacK 029-2SuperchunkHere’s Where The Strings Come InCD
1996JacK 030-2Ben LeeAway With The PixiesCD
1995JacK 031-2Noise AddictMeet The Real YouCD
1996JacK 032-2PavementPacific TrimCDCalled “Give It A Day” everywhere else in the world
1995JacK 032-7PavementPacific Trim7″Lathe cut. “Only 180 pressed on pristine King Records polycarbon”
1995JacK 033-2Beastie BoysAglio E OlioCDFeatures exclusive bonus track. Different to US release
1995JacK 033-7Beastie BoysAglio E Olio7″Lathe cut
1995JacK 034-7GerlingSedatives For Dead Radars7″Lathe cut. About 180 made.
1995JacK 035-7SourpussSolvent/Dormant7″Lathe cut. About 180 made.
1996JacK 036-2BuddOvitCD
1996JacK 037-2SourpussTabouliCDLimited to 500 pressed
1996JacK 038-2DioleneCazzo, Cucucelle e OveCD
1996JacK 039-2Guided By VoicesUnder The Bushes Under The StarsCDExtremely limited first pressing with six extra tracks was also available
1996JacK 040-2FurNeon PressureCD
1996JacK 041-2KostarsKlassics With a KCD“Comes with a very sexy, glittery sticker for a limited time.”
1996JacK 042-2GerlingA Day of ResearchCD
1996JacK 043-2SandpitLessons In PostureCD
JacK 044Unknown – Heen Beat says it was TBA by Sourpuss
1996JacK 045-1Fur & DioleneSplit12″Only 200 pressed. First 12″ from Fellaheen
1996JacK 046-2Superchunk & Guided By VoicesSplitCD
1996JacK 047-2VariousHeenbeat: A Fellaheen CompilationCD
1996JacK 048-1SebadohBakesale12″Coloured vinyl exclusive
1997JacK 049-2SandpitThe Tyranny Of CreepsCD
1997JacK 050.5-2PavementBrighten The CornersCDContains bonus disc
1997JacK 050.5-2PavementExtending The CornersCDNot a promo. Bonus disc sold separately
1997JacK 050-2PavementBrighten The CornersCD
26/05/1997JacK 051-2FurThe Betty ShakesCD
1997JacK 052-2Ben LeeSomething To Remember Me ByCD
1997JacK 053-2FurBlondiCD
1997JacK 054-7PavementShady LaneOne-sided lathe cut promo only. 25 copies.
JacK 055Unknown
1997JacK 056FurHigh SideCD
1997JacK 057-2SuperchunkIndoor LivingCD
JacK 058Unknown
19/01/1998JacK 059-2SandpitAlong The MoorsCD
JacK 060Unknown
1998JacK 061-2SandpitGreater Expectations ‎CD
02/03/1998JacK 062-2FurJimmy Rogers ‎CD
1998JacK 063-2SandpitOn Second ThoughtCD
JacK 064Unknown
1998JacK 065-2SandpitThe Hunting PictureCD
1999-02-08JacK 066-2BuddNaf/OvitCD
1998JacK 067-2BuddPranaCD
2023JacK-068-7Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice / Bench PressA Split 7″ Between Friends7″