Non fiction work


2020 – Making Psyence Fiction


2021 – The Shadow Knows (Issue One due mid-2021)

Online Articles

2021 – Releasing Music During A Pandemic

2021 – Collingwood’s Former Cinema Threatened By Demolition

2021 – How the State Library of Victoria spent their lockdown improving Wikipedia

2021 – The ABC needs more funding, not less (City Journal)

2021 – The art of music journalism, an interview with Craig Mathieson (City Journal)

2021 – Live music is back: Melbourne’s Lowtide return with a night of hazy dreampop (The Swanston Gazette)

2021 – Five Non-Album Beastie Boys Tracks You’ve Probably Forgotten About

2021 – Hiking Mount Takao (Japanoscope)

2020-2021 – Mo’ Wax — Where Are They Now
Ongoing series looking at every Mo’ Wax artist’s career.

2020 – The Aquatic Sessions — A Rumoured & Unreleased Beastie Boys Album

2020 – Making Of An Animation
Detailing the process of making an animation.

2020 – Remembering Psyence Fiction

2020 – Behind Bape (Japanoscope)
On the Last Orgy series started by Hiroshi Fujiwara and Takagi Kan of Major Force, and continued by Jun Takahashi and Nigo.

2020 – Record Collecting Japanese Vinyl (Japanoscope)
Article, podcast, and video featuring interviews with collectors and a discussion on Japanese vinyl and record collecting.

2020 – Revisiting the Worldwide Bapeheads Show 1998

2020 – Mo’ Wax and the Arts

2019 – Mo’ Wax Please — Unreleased 12″ from Mo’ Wax Records

2019 – James Lavelle and His Family of Artists

2019 – White House — The Unreleased Beastie Boys Album

2019 – Grand Royal VS Mo’ Wax — The Collaborations of Mike D & James Lavelle

2019 – The History Of Madvillain